Now that I’m feeling better, a miscellany

Currently listening to SomaFM: Mission Control. Very soothing and abstract.

This morning I hit the snooze so many times that it finally resulted in a portion of a dream in which I was trying to organize some clothes into a wardrobe in my dorm room, while also wondering why the hell its previous occupant had left so much crap behind, and my phone started ringing and wouldn’t shut off no matter how many times I tweaked the button for “silent ringer” which also functions as a snooze button, so I threw the phone on the floor and immediately hoped simultaneously that it would smash into pieces, and also not, as I didn’t want to spend money on a new phone. That was when I woke and thought “hitting the dream snooze button doesn’t work.” And now it’s also led to the longest run-on sentence I’ve ever written. Whew!

I’ve been reading things on the web for much of the day. This sort of day has been the insidious start to many an idle and unproductive January in the past, so I must take pains to combat it. Enter: The Assignment Box, which will be my Art Boss. When I show up to do the work having not a single idea in my head, I can simply draw a slip of paper from the box and voila! An assignment! This will hopefully stem the tide of utter idleness that can so easily overtake one between bouts of work in January.

(Bouts of work makes work sound like an affliction, which in some ways it may be, although I’m always so much more stable and happy when busy… )

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