Now that I’m feeling better, a miscellany

Currently listening to SomaFM: Mission Control. Very soothing and abstract. This morning I hit the snooze so many times that it finally resulted in a portion of a dream in which I was trying to organize some clothes into a wardrobe in my dorm room, while also wondering why the hell its previous occupant had… Continue reading Now that I’m feeling better, a miscellany

cats ~n clowns

Last evening was Art Night at Kim's house. I did three drawings– two of which are above and came out rather interesting. The third came out t.c.– total crap. That handsome, sly-looking feline is Berber, who lives with Anders; a great observer of humans and sometimes terribly sweet as well. The clown– who knows where… Continue reading cats ~n clowns

a winter morning, little heat.

Morning, and the spaces between Snooze: Favorite time of Dreamers and Alarm Resistors! Those brief, eternal windows between aural attacks that hold the magic beans of middle sleep, making all worlds accessible. Visitations to the ever that stretch on longer than the whole night, and make it feel as though it had been wasted on… Continue reading a winter morning, little heat.

the aural backlash, and lost photographs

speaking of dreamlike images taken with a holga... As I mentioned, I awoke (awakened? the usage of words of or relating to waking are enigmatic to me; perhaps to most...) with a head cold; not too bad, mild congestion and that space-brain sensation. So I took good care of myself all week so far. Yesterday… Continue reading the aural backlash, and lost photographs