cats ~n clowns



Last evening was Art Night at Kim’s house. I did three drawings– two of which are above and came out rather interesting. The third came out t.c.– total crap. That handsome, sly-looking feline is Berber, who lives with Anders; a great observer of humans and sometimes terribly sweet as well. The clown– who knows where that came from, but I like the cartoon reflections on his cartoon clown shoes.

The wind howled outside yesterday and well into the night. Well past the purported cutoff time that the weather people told us. We told it to go away,  and “you’re up past your bedtime!” The art night went late into the night as well, as they always do.

This morning: vivd dreams! All wisped away by the remnants of howling wind– (or maybe from hitting snooze too many times.)

Just read a friend’s blog and noticed a line she wrote yesterday: “It feels like a wind that has significance.” Ahh! This (as so many things in winter) puts me in mind of another Moomin excerpt. (In which Moomintroll is living through his very first winter of being awake– that is, not hibernating)

“Time and all the world were lost. Everything he could feel and look at were blown away, and only a bewitched whirl of damp and dancing darkness was left.
“Any sensible person could have told him that this was the very moment when the long spring was born.”

Let’s hope that is also the significance of our gales last evening!

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