Studies show dream recall at all-time high

Just a quick thing. I know I mentioned last month that I was at around 50% recall rate in terms of how many days I woke with memories intact enough to write them down. Well, it’s gone even more mental this month. Every day of November I’ve written down at least one dream upon waking except the 3rd, 5th and 7th, so that’s a jump to 75% [in a twelve-day cycle, but still]. Recurring themes of late: drawing in groups; lost in large buildings or spaces; gathering or trying to contain; and as always, swimming pools.

Now, just for fun, an excerpt of one of the recent travel dreams:

The region was the location of a geological singularity consisting of many of these “lakes” that were not lakes. They felt more like shallow rivers, but had no mouths nor sources so they were not rivers either. Exceedingly shallow, the bottoms were of a unique rock formation which was relatively smooth and consistent, and in whose crevices a species of water plant thrived. The plants were low-growing by necessity and resembled succulents; had thick waxen leaves shaped like flattened domes of minarets, with jewel colors when the light caught them. Tourists were discouraged from plucking these plants, though here and there was evidence of ones that had been taken, then discarded on the pebbled shores. (The sight of them withered on dry land was enough to curtail the urge for a souvenir, as they looked bland and grey once taken out of their natural context.)

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