I miss my vivid dreams of last year...  the recalling of them took some time each morning, and I miss that time– I want them to come back in all their colors and vibrancy.

a dearth of dreams

It's come to me attention recently that it's been ages since I've written so much as a sentence about a dream I've recalled on waking. I have, in the past week or two, actually had some wisps of imagery on a few mornings, but it seems that my recollection skills have waned in direct proportion… Continue reading a dearth of dreams

Studies show dream recall at all-time high

Just a quick thing. I know I mentioned last month that I was at around 50% recall rate in terms of how many days I woke with memories intact enough to write them down. Well, it's gone even more mental this month. Every day of November I've written down at least one dream upon waking… Continue reading Studies show dream recall at all-time high