A trip to the woods

TL and Kim traverse a parking lot of leaves after the hike.

I think this was the smallest cabin trip since the first (which was only TL and Leddy, in a tent with their heavily-laden bikes in the rain).  Sabine was meant to be there as well but at the last had a rush at work and couldn’t make it. We made a good time of it nonetheless, beginning with a 2-hour hike across the park through the marvelous colors of the woods (marvelous is an underused word). We encountered no bears. Tuesday was rainy and drear so we stayed inside then had a trip to the local (Mrs Riley’s Publik House) for burgers beers and billiards. Here are some more leaves:

In the waning light.

Clear-cutting for power lines across the valley at the edge of the park.

It’s like being in a Peanuts cartoon out there– the colors and the little houses. Leaves covering the yards and winding county roads; pumpkins everywhere. We listened to Vince and Mingus; absorbed the sounds of crunching leaves and the smell of the wood stove burning.

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