The swampy days of August have come early

stags, lion, lobster and rook

I haven’t put an entry here in awhile, and I wanted to put some sort of visual, so here are a few thin *slivers* of some bits and bobs I’ve been working on since last I wrote.

In other news: mostly been working– on projects for clients and on 2010 project. Tomorrow begins August, and today I had plans for a bike ride to the beach with some friends, but the threat of rain (70% chance by 5pm) has most likely canceled that, for this week anyway, which is pretty annoying. Most likely our plan will be switched to some shorter, more local ride, but sadly it won’t involve swimming.

Reading: The Master & Margarita, by Mikhail Bulgakov
A surreal satire which the author worked on sporadically for decades and completed before dying at age 40, but which was not published until 1966 (and then, in a censored form), 26 years after his death. While a number of his plays made it to production in his lifetime, all publication of his prose ceased after 1927, being considered anti-Soviet.

My friend J gave me a copy after reading it, and I’m finding it fascinating– humorous,  dark, incredibly imaginative– not surrealist in style, but in content– it has the quality of dreams and nightmares.

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