1. characteristic of prose as distinguished from poetry
2. everyday, ordinary

A combination of the two might comprise a life without poetry. Not in the sense of poems in books, you know, but  poetry in the larger sense– the poetry of dreams, of big ideas and grand plans; of believing in something, of following one’s heart even in the face of risk. (Especially in the face of risk.)

This time of year finds us in the months where everything seems to suffer from a lack of poetry, but it’s just a side effect, and one that can be gotten over. A shift in the perspective from which one looks at things, like the slow-shift of the angle of the sun’s rays –a readjustment– is all that’s required. The subtle forces of long winter are such that things appear not to move or change, often culminating in a silent but real frustration.

Harness, Redirect– Unleash! Repeat as necessary.

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