A visitor of odd proportions


  1. worked on new project (a collaboration– as yet, and to remain for a time, unnamed)
  2. poured resin into new jewelry bits
  3. made updates to several Work projects

Now that it’s a list it looks so short– but believe me,  those few things have taken up the whole of the day! Audio books make fine listening for busy days; you get thoroughly sucked into the thread and the next thing you know, it’s hours later.

My office –no, dreadful word in this casemy work-lounge / art-making-space currently has an atmosphere simultaneously odoriferous of mineral spirits, wood stain (dark walnut), polymer resin, cigarette smoke, and Indian food (just re-warmed). Admittedly, it’s a melange that should be alarming, save that I’ve been in here all day and evening as the layers have built upon one another…

In the mail!
Today came an envelope written in the penciled hand of my younger nephew, Rhett.  The envelope contained: a letter from him; a note about a boy (sadly flattened by a fallen bulletin board) on a (nonetheless joyful) adventure by post; and the boy himself, Flat Stanley™!  I’ve heard of this intrepid traveler before, and now he has arrived in Brooklyn!  It shall be my charge to take him around and show him the ‘burg, then send him back to his classroom of origin bearing souvenirs and photographs– proofs with which to share his adventure!  Here’s a sliver of said flat chap:

More to follow as regards his journey and any attendant excitement and/or mishaps. (Let’s hope he hasn’t any mishaps!)

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