In Search of Life


fig. 2 : “In Search of Life”

I’m beginning with a bang; drawing number two, in addition to having written three pages– on anything!  A digression in which, regarding the digital world, graphic design, and the world as we know it, led me to my own Toft-like ruminations, to wit (an excerpt):

So much is still new, but the protozoan Nummulite has subdivided immeasurably, and grown into a thing beyond its own reckoning. The lightning has bestowed upon it an unwieldy spectrum. With each mutative leap it becomes more fractured; worlds within worlds, each answerable only to itself. Soon it will reach its widest point, and, unsustainable in this form, expansion will cease. It will hover, bloated and distended for a time, then begin its inevitable retraction. But it will not be a sad thing, for it will learn by reduction that efficiency is more powerful than size; sustainability more crucial than mass. (It is not a diminishing, but a streamlining– a perfecting.) The Nummulite will learn to discard what is unnecessary and realize the freedom of movement of the unencumbered. Defragmented, he will whirr like a like a new machine, and fly.

– – –

(Protozoan, from the Greek, means first life– what a beautiful word. Toft’s Nummulite, about which he read, had something of the Noctiluca about him, thus the electricity.)

1 thought on “In Search of Life”

  1. This is a great post. The quote reminds me of the modularization that the Swarm can achieve, although I have already planned a end to it so that it never becomes unsustainable. It also seems to be a great parallel to the problem in our economy.

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