Sad to report, but not only did my pumpkin vine yield no female flowers (and therefore no fruit– nothing to pollinate), but during the heavy rains of late, it seems to have acquired some sort of leaf-mold. That’s what it looks like anyway. It’s dying. It put up a good fight, but something like a vine which bears large orange heads for carving simply cannot sustain life in a 15″ square container on a balcony five stories up in Brooklyn.

Once they start having them at the delis, I figure I’ll get a couple of those small evergreen bushes that are meant to pass as xmas trees for the yard-less and small-of-apartment– the kind that are still alive, in dirt. I’ll put them in a couple of large planters and put string lights. For the winow boxes: plastic flowers, perhaps. Or branches fallen from trees, with little glittering things hanging off.

The basil did well, but as I haven’t a food processor, I’ll not be making any pesto!

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