roses and brownstones

The flora around the city has gone mad with delight from the abundant rains we've had– the streets lush and green. A bike ride yesterday into Ditmas Park, and the plane trees looming well above the rooflines in some streets–  cathedral ceilings of shade and flickering leaflight. Last night a piano party at a friend's… Continue reading roses and brownstones


Bonsai trees at the National Arboretum in DC; the second one is a mangrove tree from South America. Kelley, her mother, cousins and I went on Sunday afternoon to visit the koi and feed them, but the pellet machine was empty. We saw the azaleas in bloom– lighting up the forested hillsides like pink and… Continue reading bonsai


Sad to report, but not only did my pumpkin vine yield no female flowers (and therefore no fruit-- nothing to pollinate), but during the heavy rains of late, it seems to have acquired some sort of leaf-mold. That's what it looks like anyway. It's dying. It put up a good fight, but something like a… Continue reading autumn.

more green.

pumpkin flowers wildflowers Although the vines suffered a bit from my being out of town last weekend (and unable to water them- they were shriveled when I returned!), they are still going strong, and several pumpkin flowers have appeared! So exciting. I thin by autumn there will be no room for me out there at… Continue reading more green.

the green monster

The pumpkin vines have been busy converting rain into massive leaves this past week, and have climbed over the edge of their own accord. I shall have to restrain them once the pumpkins themselves begin to appear. Imagine the lawsuits I could be subjected to were one of the gourds to fall on the head… Continue reading the green monster

first flowers!

First wildflowers have just appeared since yesterday! Very exciting. Basil is gorwing nicely, if slowl ( little does it know it will one day be delicious pesto...) And, of course, the pumkin vines are monsters. When first they began growing, there were nine of them! I uprooted some, but the rest continued to grow ravenously.… Continue reading first flowers!

so fast

Now, with furniture! In the large planter little pumpkin leaves can be spied coming through the dirt...! green onions growing So here we are arriving at the end of another month- madness! The sproutlings out on the veranda are doing nicely, and finally the pumpkin vines have made an entrance. *yay*

green things growing

wheat grass wildflowers green onions Front garden at five storeys. You should see it at sunset.

tenth april

Monday again. Yesterday during the newly extended sunshine hours, I spent some time on the "veranda" (read: the roof of the bay window belonging to the apartment on the floor below), planting things in window boxes and wee terra cotta pots. The roster of hopefuls: one window box wildflowers, one pot basil, a handful of… Continue reading tenth april