Cartography of Time.

time, quantified.

This afternoon I have been largely absorbed in the interpretation of three weeks’ worth of collected data into a visual key. It represents [my] time, (which can be a slippery thing when one works as a freelancer), and how it is spent. The goal of this exercise was to find where the largest chunks of ill-used time tend to exist, with the hopes of repurposing said chunks into more creative (non-client oriented) time. Basically, it has been a quest in search of an answer to the question, “Where does all the time go?” Damn interesting experiment, and I think I shall continue it for a time. Namely becuase this small cross-section is not enough data to really answer the question, but also becuase I’d like to see a whole year of it charted. (In fact I wish now I’d begun it on 01.01) More time, larger patterns; and intricate ones within those. Cycles and cirles. But I should like to add some more categories, or markers perhaps; signifiers of things like time indoors v. time outdoors; health issues (eg: a mark for days when one has a cold, or when the knee is acting up!); good days v. bad days (as relates to emotions, productivity, etc). Possibly add in the moon cycle as well– why not?

Of course, the answer this day to the question posed is: I’ve used up many hours charting hours. (I think that may categorically fall under the heading “Irony”)

Notes on the language: Each morning begins at the bottom of the column, and the day works its way up from there. Mornings were begun at 07:00, as it’s extremely unlikely for me to wake earlier than that, save by sheer accident. Anything less than 15 minutes gets rounded (“less or up!”) for the purposes of this experiment. Part billable/part social basically implies either (A) a meeting that ran long by meandering into a non-work-related discussion, or (B) a work-related meeting with a client who also happens to be a friend. Many hours of walking have been absorbed into “free time, elsewhere” due the fact that this is extremely unscientific.

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