in the works

Busy, busy, busy.
That’s been how it’s been around here lately. Things to look forward to: a new toof record, Kat’s salon opening very soon, and a brand new site overhaul for electrofork. (That last one’s almost finished, it will be announced here officially as soon as it goes live, so keep your eyes open.)

I believe I may have at long last relocated our favorite photo processing center! The address puts them not far from here, on fifth avenue. If it’s them, I will be so happy. I have rolls of film from thanksgiving and an even older roll of 120 (from the Holga) which I’ve taken nowhere, as nowhere around here did any good with film and prints. (It really pisses me off, for example, when some fuckwit at the photo lab decides to edit the roll himself- leaving out prints that he thought less than perfect- especially in the Holga film; the whole point being to get strange unexpected results! grrrr)

Well, this is terribly uninteresting to read, I’m sure, so here is where it ends.

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