milk paint

painting in progress…

Well I began painting this canvas today at long last. It had the drawing of this man on it for months, literally months. finally started messing with it. what inspired this? well, to be honest it was doodling on this digital artpad. It’s pretty fun. And you get to watch it again after it’s finished.
So, round one was just white and burnt umber, but then later I was working in more color, including overpainting his hair with pthalo blue. The casein pthalo blue i have is so infectious— it thoroughly overtakes the brush and all other colors to the point that one has to wash the brush with soap several times after using it. Kind of a pain, really.

In other news I have been working with Marty on a treatment, soon to be a script (hope!) for a zombie story. The idea actually started from my retelling of a dream I had a couple of weeks ago involving a recently deceased novelist and his newly released “novel,” which secretly contained a code for a reduction recipe in which the body of a dead horse is rendered into a nasty viscous material which can then be used as a vehicle (a body, really) for souls raised temporarily from the dead. Something like, the memory of his or her own self-image serves as a blueprint to which the material applies itself. Magic! Our collaborative story, however, involvse neither a novelist nor horses. Nor magic.
It is very scientific. In a fictional sort of way.
That is all you will find out for now.

Oh- and read this transcript of Bill Moyers.

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