a persistent mood.

anyway. stream of thoughts-
a gutter running down the streets of confused and pathetic–
oh, not the gutter where the “dirty” thoughts are; just a normal gutter where stuff winds up after it rains- candy wrappers, cigarette butts, news pages and the like. just regular. (and rather less interesting)

not feeling like a stream at all, nor a gutter- in fact, more like a subway- crowded to the point of unpleasantness, the low-level fear of pickpocketry, so you pull your bag round in front; you’re trying to read a book so you can have that small amount of personal space like it’s a little wall, but having no good spot to hold onto the bar, and someone’s backpack keeps bumping into you and you scour the train for anyone about to get out of his seat at every single stop until, when you finally see one, you realize you’re only two stops from home and feel cheated.
like that.

no little birds will ever come sing to you and cheer you up; the tiny brown mouse and her children, all of whom wear clothing and speak (and speak english, to boot!) will never come out from behind some great heirloom piece of furniture, burnished with age and love, because you don’t have any furniture like that. not even close. (but you tell yourself that it’s because such little mouse families simply do not exist.)

well, one has to tell oneself something.

4 thoughts on “a persistent mood.”

  1. thanks em!
    i am not yet sure what benefits i have personally found yet from blogging, but was inspired to start one by some others i have read. i’ll write more when next i correspond- i look forward to your letter!

  2. hi liz, i was gong to get on home to my real world, but found my self here and missed my bus. from time to time your art is my escape out of corporate hell and into a world past. thanks for the vacation, even if it means i’m stuck for another 40 minutes.

  3. My dear lizzie, i finally get around to doing internet shit – i really have a bit of an allergy to the computer… and i looked at your website – how thorough/ visually appealling/ impressive! and here i am in bog world. where the hell am i? what is blog? it is pretty cool to be able to read your thoughts like this. You are a skilled writer. So tell me, what do you find are the benefits from blogging? Should i start my own? I am now going to read the dream you e-mailed. love em. p.s. you will never get away with calling yourself a geek with an utterly gorgeous photo like that

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