fizzy water

my design for the 6 Spades card in the gigposters deck

non sequitor*.

yesterday was good. went outside. got things done. finished a poster. wrote about the dream i had in which i was a student at a school of war. brilliant, fiery battles by night. i sniped with a bow, arrows with fiery tips. it was just a school; no one got killed and no serious injuries. (<——- look i’m explaining; making sure you don’t mistakenly think i actually like war in real life)

today i am tired. blank. it is a symptom of larger things. possibly posttextual.
ha! (i just had to use that word. one of those postmodern words that has no inherent or at least obvious meaning…)

back to all lowercase, it seems. i am listening to the astralwerks™ sampler from sxsw™. it’s got that song that target™ uses in their commercials, among other things. and, apparently the 80s are back. . >>>>thanks<<<< (implying sarcasm)

a supernova has the energy of 10 billion “normal” stars. then it dies. remember that.

*not from where i’m standing.

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