SLOW: children drinking

Nah, the sign says children playing, but it's in the backyard of a bar, so kind of the same thing. I was doing two sides of the yard at once to be inconspicuous, and wound up with a giant guy floating behind the people with popcorn. Rather an odd image.

A poinsettia and holiday drinkers

More observations of people out and about in the amorphous days before the new year begins. Incidentally, the watercolor-looking sketches such as these have all been executed using a Pilot G2 gel ink pen, which smears wonderfully (leaving me with an inky fingertip).

A little Mansfield Park (in ink, watercolor)

Here's a sketch that began a few days ago as a 30 second pencil study while watching a Manfield Park (it's been done multiple times for screen). Returned to it yesterday and it became, essentially, a study of hair. Initial pencilling and inking rendered it very Revolver in aspect, as you can see in the process scans.… Continue reading A little Mansfield Park (in ink, watercolor)

An aim to establish some schedule

bit of old map and sketches

Three weeks into the new year's January. Best of intentions, and all that, but work has been steady and hard-hitting for the dead of Winter, and so I've not yet established a schedule with which to be more timely or consistent on this blog (something I'm interested in doing). I think the best way to… Continue reading An aim to establish some schedule

not very jolly, except the colors

A lake of red watercolor for some reason always leads me to red hair.

A Winter Find

Here is a sketch for a new dry point on plexi– Kim and I are hoping to get into the studio at Gowanus this Friday to do some printing. A solitary berry found on a snowy day by the crafty crow. In other news, I'm very happy and excited to announce that I've been selected… Continue reading A Winter Find

At the Holiday Craft Fair

Some sketches of shoppers at the 3rd Ward Holiday Craft Fair today...

watercolor jellyfish