Acrylic and ink painting of a secret garden

video still of a painting in progress, viewed from above

I’ve been filming myself painting and drawing a lot lately. It’s fun! This one turned out surprisingly well, considering I was working with no sketch, just eyeballing it as I checked my photo reference.

As it happens, I did manage to get the proportions of the pond wrong, but I think you’d never know if you didn’t see the photograph I used. The photo is one I took on my trip to Spain and Portugal—now almost two years ago. I really miss traveling!

So here is a little time lapse to take you to a shady secret garden in Gerona, Spain. We came across this garden at the old St Pere monastery while en route to the old medieval wall. Fun fact: they filmed scenes for Game of Thrones in this small medieval town to serve as Braavos in season six.

I plan to make more time lapse and maybe even some more informational process videos. As with so many things, it’s about planning, finding the time and scheduling things. If you’re interested, stay tuned here or follow my Youtube channel.

6 thoughts on “Acrylic and ink painting of a secret garden”

  1. Hey! There you are! It’s so interesting to see you grow and explore. You know we’ve been following each other for years. And now WordPress! I’m a Capricorn and serendipity has been rocking my world. I’ll definitely visit you on YouTube.

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