Happy New Year: some new prints

Above is a finished print from the edition of Lisbon silkscreens I was working on when last I posted. It’s a three-color rendition of a pen-and-marker sketch I did sitting on the balcony of our little apartment there, perched above the harbor.

Below are two variations from several small editions of a cabin scene. This was inspired by a sort fo history / archiving project undertaken by a friend and I. We realized that our inclination to go cabin camping with friends in the off-seasons has been ongoing for about 15 years, and I wanted to commemorate it.

The top print is a five-color version of the planned six-color print. The leaves were left as negative space in the color separations to avoid overprinting the colors, and they had such a delicate look, I just had to allow some of the prints to retain that quiet, more wintry feeling.

There will be more printed items to share, and I’m going to try to return to a once-a-week posting habit here, even if they’re short.

2019 posed a number of challenges, and I wrote so very little all year. I find that writing is ever a bulwark against mental and emotional overwhelm, yet I forget to allow myself the time, or am too lazy to make the time— despite that it’s good for my well being, and so helpful in putting things into perspective.

This is my place to do that, and I must make it a priority once again.

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