Inktober has returned!

Well I hadn’t planned on participating in Inktober this year, but then on the second, I decided I would after all, but with no pressure this year. No attempt at a narrative which I haven’t time to work out properly.

The pressure to craft un-flawed images is precisely what keeps me from drawing half the time, and also keeps me from experimentation and play, so I’m abolishing pressure! There’s plenty of that at work with deadlines as it is. Here are my first five drawings for this year.

I see from my last post that the entire month of September went by without a peep from me here on ol’ bloggy. That makes me sad, and I miss writing.

The only thing I miss, really, about being a sole proprietor is the bags of time I used to have. Time to allow things to percolate in my mind; to wander for hours in the late afternoon, on foot or on my bicycle. To put hours of time into this and other non-essential but satisfying pursuits, like my calendar projects.

There can be a paucity of time or energy (often both) that goes along with a full-time job into which one is invested and interested. Choosing how and where to spend those valued assets can be difficult.

5 thoughts on “Inktober has returned!”

  1. I so very much understand the frustration of needing time-management for things that make us the most happy and a sense of fulfillment. I also struggle here and have realized that both my writing and my reading, including YOUR blog, are two of those areas. It’s not fair, but I guess life isn’t. Maybe we will find joy in the management of time… not holding any breath. xoxo Z

    1. Thank you Zac. It’s true! I realize more and more that I still have a list next to my desk all the time still, even though I have a FT job now instead of a business; there isn’t ever enough time for anything, sigh. We must try to always get closer to using our free time in ways that are fulfilling whenever possible. xoxo liz

  2. I was just thinking about you this morning, wondering how you were doing and whether you would decide to do Inktober again! So glad to hear from you! I know what you mean about not having time or energy left after work.

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