The last few drawings from Inktober

the witch boy, capturedI lost my momentum toward the end of the month. I remained a day or two behind schedule, and when catching up was posting to social media, but not here each day, So this post is a bit of catch up.
ink drawing of the witch-boy

So there totaled three drawings of the witch-boy, leading up to Halloween. The final drawing was just a plain old hair study. Terrifically anticlimactic, honestly. I haven’t even posted that one elsewhere, as I was sort of thinking I might do something else for the 31st ‘official’. But now it’s November third, time to let it go.
ink drawing of a woman with long hair

4 thoughts on “The last few drawings from Inktober”

  1. Thank you for another inktober. I imagine it’s a huge undertaking. I really enjoyed your drawings and the wisps of storylines running through the month. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. Thank you for following along, really! This year’s felt far less cohesive than last, and did not follow the story i set out on, but meandered far and wide. But all stories are ongoing, so I can always circle back. Thank you, again!

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