A crow lighted in the yard for a moment

Day seventeen : A crow lit in the yard for a moment, tentatively. It tested the wind, then flew off to an unknown destination; a hooded gleam in its eye.


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11 thoughts on “A crow lighted in the yard for a moment”

    1. Past tense of light; probably could have been “lighted” though.

      past tense: lighted; past participle: lighted
      come upon or discover by chance.
      “he lit on a possible solution”
      synonyms: come across, chance on/upon, hit on/upon, happen on/upon, stumble on/upon/across, find, discover, uncover, come up with
      “we’d almost given up when we lit upon this article about Mathew’s murder trial”
      “from the horse he lit down”
      fall and settle or land on (a surface).
      “a feather just lighted on the ground”

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