To visitors who’ve recently discovered this place

self-portrait in EdinburghWordPress Discover did me the honor of sharing one of my recent posts yesterday, for which I’m grateful. I’m happy to say Hi! and thanks for reading my work. It means a lot when my words or images connect with people. So, thank you again.

As a number of you’ve just arrived via the portal of a recent Thunderstorm*, I searched through the archives to find other posts that have a similar tone, timbre, or general feeling. Below— a few bits n bobs that may also resonate.

Enjoy! Also, if you like drawings, urban / rural photography, explore the rest of this site.

The bird in my kitchen, and other prophecies

Some thoughts from April in Baltimore

Returning from Riis Beach after a light rain warned of a coming storm

From here I can see the curve of of the earth

A quiet wander through a green wood (part the first)

A Spring rain, soon forgotten

A telegraph from Elysium

Like smoke suspended in the calm

Scaffolding for memory



*It is odd timing that a post I wrote about a thunderstorm gained a wide new audience so shortly after the dreadful Hurricane that has done and continues to do so much damage in Houston. I’m sure the last thing anyone there cares to think about is rain, or storms, for a very long time— my heart and sympathies go to all who’ve been affected there.

5 thoughts on “To visitors who’ve recently discovered this place”

  1. Yep, all my work and income is online right now, so I’m taking the opportunity to move around a bit. Probably spending next year divided between Costa Rica, England and Spain (Barcelona), with hopefully some time in Greece as well, if funds & time will allow. But that’s only a vague plan. Pretty much making it up as I go….

    Costa Rica has been a lot less of a wrench than I was expecting – very little culture shock so far. I’m missing a few English things, primarily fish & chips, and I still have a lot of work to do on my Spanish, but otherwise, feels like a comfy temporary home.

    So that photo was taken near Salisbury Crags? Aaaaah. One of my favourite spots in the whole of the UK. Amazing. (Also, I’m part Scottish, so, *blows bagpipes and throws sword through the air in celebration*). When were you there?

    1. That sounds like an amazing way to split up a year! As well as the ability to make it up as you go. I’m envious; haven’t left the states in a over a year and a half.

      Yes, the ol’ Crags at the end of the Royal Mile. I was there twice, once in ’05, and again in 2010. It’s such a beautiful old fairytale city, the sandstone darkening under rain, and I never quite grasped the subtler beauty of rolling fields with their bursts of color before. Had only really seen the brilliant greens represented. Nice to be there in the early autumn.

  2. Hi! I did indeed find you via a thunderstorm (this is perhaps the first time in my life I have ever used that sentence. Pleasure to be following along. I especially like seeing how landscape shapes your writing.

    (I’m an English travel writer and story consultant, currently living in Costa Rica, where it rains and thunders and lightnings a LOT. And there was me, thinking English rain was the best/worst. Typical Anglocentric thinking, it turns out.)

    1. Haha! Yes, well I think the world at large associates rain with the UK, although I had not too much of it during my two trips there. (In fact the photo accompanying this post is from a sunny day crawl up and around Arthur’s seat, just next to Scottish parliament.) Thanks for following along, Mike.

      How do you find Costa Rica? Everyone I know who’s been has returned there— mostly yoga types, but people generally seem to love it. Do you work internationally, I assume, telecommuting, as it were?

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