Women in silks and wigs with rosy cheeks

I revisited those pencil sketches from my last post today, and had a bit of fun with some new markers and the watercolor half pans.

The fine grey marker with which I drew over the pencil in the first sketch proved to be water-based, so muddles my paints a bit. But the broad ones are definitely alcohol based, so will be fine to work in tandem with color.

After weeks of cool and rainy weather, it is at last a very fine day in Brooklyn, and I went walking this afternoon in shorts.  As there are over two hours of daylight remaining, I met yet go back out and look for subjects to sketch,

4 thoughts on “Women in silks and wigs with rosy cheeks”

  1. I just realized that I take my smartphone camera for granted…we are so lucky to have a way to document the stages of a piece/WIP. Because sometimes I prefer the less “finished” one, and am able to print it if I want.

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