Gerritsen Beach, revisited


Gerritsen Beach

I walked along the water
in a sunny autumn marsh.
The silty sand
and grasses underfoot
impressible and yielding.

I saw the bodies
of small crabs, scattered
here and there along the way,
victims of an unknown shift,
caught unprepared.

From a congress of reeds
along the water’s edge
A white crane rose
on a silent vector—

where points of the city glance
and glister—
that distant isle
fulgent and blue
against the pale scrim.

As I turned back
toward the road
The sun flashed
on the panes of the last
few houses of town.

The water’s surface,
rippled and calm,
caught the same—
and rendered it
a blinding flare.



(This may be my poet-wise, unintentional abstract postmortem of election night 2016.)

2 thoughts on “Gerritsen Beach, revisited”

  1. Thank you, Joepinto. Often when I’m photographing things, seeds of wider descriptions are planted, or at least the ‘why’ behind my decision-making, image-wise.

    Ergo, “revisited”.

    I looked back to that wander for a moment of calm amid nerves caused by endless reading and absorbing of the current State of the Union (if it can yet be called that), and how we got here.

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