It’s almost Halloween! Here’s a painting of a creepy girl

painting_in_situHere’s a piece I did Monday evening. I’ve had these cradled wood panels in a box for several years now, and kinda forgot about them. But also, I tend to get too precious about materials (fear of sullying the perfect blank page, as it were). Time to stop that.

Creepy Girl [2016] Pencil, markers, and casein on cradled wood board
Creepy Girl [2016] Pencil, markers, and casein on cradled wood board
TL made the panels for me a few years ago; I had bits of wood from wine cases, cigar boxes, and even the bottom of a drawer— I gave her some balsa wood for the cradles/frames and she transformed them. (A good way to recycle elements, no?)

Anyway. This may yet want more work done to it; maybe to become a more finished painted piece? If so, I’ll post it here, natch.

After the jump are a couple images of the work in progress.

Beginnings of white casein, and more layering of marker and soft pencil; I decided to work with, not against, the wood grain.
Here the initial drawing is complete, and some layers of palest marker are beginning. The dark spots are, I believe, spatters of stain. I decided to work them in.

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