woodless HB | 0.5mm 2B | 0.5mm gel ink

Here are sneak peek slices of the two illustrations. They are nearly finished (add ice to the drinks, refine shading of stripes), but the book is not, so the final reveals will be some months from now, maybe longer. That’s all I can say.

First draft before comments from editor; concept incomplete

These were done using some woodless HB pencils that are new to me, as well as my trusty mechanical pencil loaded with 2B, nice and dense. As you can see, I did post production in Photoshop. Tighten that shit up.
It’s proven a good process to begin with the HB, as it’s much lighter and more willing to be erased than the softer graphite. The mechanical is better for getting surgical about things once the shapes and I agree.

First draft; composition changed, more pencilling done, and blur added to create a shallow depth of field

* * *

And below are some random pen sketches from the sketchbook. All plaid all the time!


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