In my mind, it was always ‘ceiling’ wax

face painted on a truckI need to exercise. I need a shower. I could use some groceries. I want to ride my bike; I want to clean the fish tanks; I want to write a bangin’ blog post as I’ve been neglectful the past few weeks, largely on account of traveling. Been mostly away the past two weeks. Delightful, but now it’s time to TCB*.

I am in a cycle of ramping-up: fitness, freelance, organization, creativity, ‘the very ceiling of my mind’†. I’m pulled in too many directions. (This is often the case; or else not nearly enough. Contradiction.) I’m catching shit from total strangers on OKC ’cause I seem ‘apathetic’. (But, truly, I am, as far as that goes. So much else takes precedence right now.)

While I was Upstate visiting family, one of my two goldfish (pond comets) died. Probably from ingesting a bit of the rusted metal that’s been flaking off the hood (poor design!), same as Toft.

Wink ate him.

No shit, there was only a little skull and spine remaining when Zac came over to check on them and give them real food (after a few days of a vacation food block). He took a picture, which I demanded he show me. Looked like those old cartoons in which a cat eats the fish, then pulls a perfect set of spine-ribs-skull out of his cat-mouth.

Who can blame Wink? Those chalky blocks of nutrient hardly look like food, and must basically taste and feel like eating wet cement dust.


The photo above is of a delivery truck for a shop that sells reclaimed bits of hardware and things from houses in the South Wedge, Rochester.

*Take Care of Business
†Antonin Artaud

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