Rituals. Looking back and springing forward—

Only yesterday I took bags and boxes of things to donate to Housing Works, and already a new pile has begun to accumulate in the hall. I can’t stop deleting*. Next, soon: a harsh, realistic editing of the wardrobe. (I wear only a fraction of what I own— what’s the point?) Time to delete some of that shit.

Doing that ritual of looking back at the blog a year ago, two years ago, three. Seeing what I’ve accomplished, where my brain was, and what I’m still whining about. Happily, mostly just still whining about weather, and there’s nothing for it: big doomed world (not in my jurisdiction, outside my sphere of influence).

But today it’ll stay light out til seven o’clock. A new Spring is on its way. (Snufkin* will return to make camp soon.)

Last night: a delightful gathering at the Cottage for Ad’s birthday— overpacked apartment, all dancing, talking, laughing. John and I moved the dining table, then the couch, to make room for dancing. Really a great way to welcome longer days and temperatures that don’t -hurt-  We all spoke of the infrequency of seeing one another in recent months, sad side effect of the seasonal freeze.

Well, I’m whining about weather again, but I don’t care. Soon we’ll be cycling around to further afield neighborhoods, sitting in the park, leaving windows open all night. Wouldn’t be as meaningful without the contrast.

Since it’s a Sunday, and I’m waxing past-wise and future-wise, I’m gonna post some photos of this erstwhile catastrophe of an apartment that I remade and made Home nearly four years hence.


And while I’m at it, here are some old words about Words:

Dangerous, necessary, cruel, beautiful; words beget words like cells splitting infinitely and create the world as we perceive it. Rarely taught, or treated, with the respect they deserve. Often withheld until too late, or tossed about like confetti, or shards of glass during an explosion.

front_beforefront_after*”…being happier keeping the memory of a thing than the thing itself.”
(from the Wiki entry re: Snufkin)

(Edited to add: I didn’t mean to sound like I don’t care about climate change, or the world, for that matter— I try every day to have a small footprint, and to not be wasteful. It’s just that it’s a huge job, requiring all humans.)

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