Some test photos taken with a new camera

When I was traveling in September, I did a very careless thing and dropped my camera (a Canon Powershot ELPH 130) on the ground in Paris— it was on and the thing landed smack on the edge of the lens. It still worked, but just wasn’t able to quite focus correctly; the right side of every image sort of faded gradually out of focus.(See image above for before and after; image is clickable to see larger.) Which worked here and there, but no. Sent it to the electronics recycling center.

a painting and a small mirror
Well, I’ve acquired a new one: a Canon Powershot SX 400. It’s got 30x optical zoom (not digital ‘fake’ zoom) and all the usual sort of bells and whistles that the Powershots come with. No DSLR, but certainly takes better shots than a phone, while being small and lightweight. My nephew got one for Christmas and showed me his, so I’ve him to thank for the recommendation.

wall with skulls and artwindow, shelves, and lampA few shots from around my living room, taken in Program mode with no effects. The camera will still use AF (auto focus), but in P mode, you can select your focal length and ‘set’ it for the shot, rather than just living with the center-of-screen or face recognition modes.

betta fish
Johnny Needle the fish, shot in program mode; macro setting but no effects

table top with small saucer
Also on macro setting

candle on a table
“Miniature” effect
candle in a dark room“Toy camera” affect


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