la petite revue

Saw Le Week-End the other night. It’s bloody gorgeous. For the obvious reason, of course, that being it’s shot in Paris. But no, not just visually, it’s such a finely told interval in these characters’ lives, with brilliantly subtle dialogue and interaction. Utterly believable connection / tension between them.

Le Week-EndIt stars Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan, both masters of their craft. Then as a bonus they threw in Jeff Goldblum; who’s always—well, Jeff Goldblum, but delightfully so and it works very well for his character. For best results (as with most movies), I suggest you learn nothing about it before seeing it; that is, don’t spoil it by reading reviews or wiki beforehand.

Le Week-End

Le Week-End

(This last still is from a scene that replicates the famous dance scene in Bande à Part (Band of Outsiders) by Godard.)

Godard's 'Bande à part' still

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