A Substrate of Stone

I bought a new sketchbook last week. It’s not filled with paper; the description on the back explains it “is made up of 80% calcium carbonate and 20% non-toxic resins.” The pages have a feeling similar to vellum, but extremely smooth. I tested in the shop with some markers, and they were very painterly on it, so I picked one up.

marker sketches in Ogami sketchbook

The odd thing I’ve found through drawing on this surface, though, is that the markers seemed to create a kind of finish that sadly was immune to the fine-line markers that I like to go back in with for detail. It clogged up two of them in short order, so I resorted to going back in with a mechanical pencil. It requires more experimentation, but I do like the kind of watercolor look that these brush markers achieve on the slick surface. Also the pages are slightly translucent, which is interesting.

marker sketches in Ogami sketchbook

Ogami stone sketchbook

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