blind contour and watercolors

blind contour drawing- portrait

Another wintry evening spent with J, A, and the chickens. We made turkey pot pies from scratch and did loads of blind contour drawings, of one another and of things around the room, finishing them with watercolor. Above is one of J, looking rather exploded. More after the jump.

blind contour drawing- portrait

And here is TL, after Z did some stylings with fake ivy and braiding her hair. Below is the secretary with the tall plant and lamp on top.

blind contour drawing

Here is a (somewhat blurry) gathering of all the ones we deemed worthy to paint; a really fun collection. It’s a fascinating process because it gives you a kind of glimpse into others’ visual language or dialect, and you needn’t be practiced at drawing or visual arts to enjoy it, or to wind up with really outlandish, fun images.


2 thoughts on “blind contour and watercolors”

  1. Darling!
    I’m diggin …..
    Artwork is divine….
    Contour is a blast! Yours are great, colored in…
    Just love your style….
    I’m a be followin!
    Love, Stromie

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