A solitary child on a swing in the playground across the street; 46 degrees F, even on a sunny afternoon, seems to’ve stunted the population there.

I find myself in need of some creative (personal) project; wishing I’d thought in time to begin a calendar for 2012– the armageddon calendar. I’ve given thought to a digital one; that could be designed month-by-month; subscribed, downloaded. A desktop (as in wallpaper) calendar. Alas, my population of ideas or inspirations seems as stunted as the population of the playground at the moment. That may be a blessing in disguise, though; sometimes when I have *ideas*, they go through at least half their imaginary lives in my head as I work them out in too much detail, leaving me feeling ill-inclined to actually bring the idea into the world. Following one’s nose in the dark is sometimes a better approach to art-making.

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