‘A commitment of full attention’

I have been checking out some of the 3-minute egg talks on the Magical Secrets printmaking web site. There’s one called “Taking Time” (it’s in two parts), and it makes a really important yet easily forgotten or overlooked point. To paraphrase:

The amount of time actually spent making a work of art isn’t so important; for the artists’ part, it’s really about a lifetime of commitment; it’s about the amount of time building up to the piece.

There’s more to it than that, but that was something that struck me at the moment. They are worth exploring when you have a moment.

2 thoughts on “‘A commitment of full attention’”

  1. I love the 3 minute egg pieces, too. Kathan Brown is pretty amazing. I like your work, by the way. I happened on your blog somehow and there your drawings were and then I saw your drypoints.. you know how that goes.
    Nice seeing your work
    Cheers from Boston

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