drawings of two, both of whom began with hats

This morning I wrote down a dream for the first time in many months. It had taken place in or around a dream New Orleans, and involved a visit from family; the finding of a magical (not literally) antiques shop; stopping in at an editing facility where several friends from the old days worked; and the omnipresence of a rather famous local who was in fact very down to earth and quite colloquial, often seen riding around the outskirts on a docile work horse. Really fun ones, and really nice to remember on waking.

The drawings above are from a few nights ago. Below you can see a larger version, in which the ghost beginnings of a hat remain on the first drawing (though it be at the bottom of the page). The marker claims to be 30% French Grey, but stays rather dark even after drying. The bird hat is one that came into my mind a couple of weeks ago and I’ve not had time to draw it. That isn’t quite the way I imagined it, either, but there it is. (I’d imagined the woman wearing it to have an exceedingly refined look; someone like a person in an old movie, who seems not quite real. Whereas the woman in the actual drawing more resembles a grown up Really Rosie…)

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