notes to self

I’m well aware this is an odd place to put notes to self, being a public blog– However, as it’s something I glance at rather often, I’m going to take this opportunity to put down some goals or ideas– both short- and long-term, I think. Just some things I’d like to keep in mind for when I find myself less busy…

  • Pour resin for next batch of jewelry in the next week; prepare images for cufflinks (which should arrive by post any day now);  add new jewelry to Etsy shop; prepare packaging etc. for Holiday Craft Fair*
  • Edition prints from last week; put some on (other) Etsy shop!
  • Engrave next plate for printing!
  • Only 3 months remaining for the Sketchbook Project– B E G I N  (either conceptualizing, or just dig in)– given up; its now going to be merely a sketchbook, at my own discretion- (what I ought to have done to begin with)
  • Revisit the card deck design idea; sketches and designs.
  • Begin cataloging vintage / antique books in my collection to include: title, author, year & publisher; general condition; photos of each showing cover(s), an interior page, spine.

I think that’s all for now. I may return to add things to it, or to cross things out as I move forward…

*Ah! The poster advertising the Brooklyn Craft Central Holiday Market has just arrived in the email. See below.

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