DVAA Digital Media Expo

stills from my very short video

Over the weekend Ben and I went upstate to visit his family. While we were there, the DIGIT expo was going on at the Arts Alliance gallery in Narrowsburg, including the “Quick & Gritty Video Slam”– a project whose requirements involved shooting footage in the town between Friday and Sunday, then handing in a 3 minutes-or less final piece Sunday morning. Encouraged to submit, and greatly aided by way of laptop, cables, etc by Ben’s sister and brother-in-law, I made it in at the last second. Shot some footage on Saturday afternoon after procuring a curious porcelain figurine from a local antiques shop; she serves as the focal point (and engages in some simple stop-motion as well).

It was great fun, and a fine reminder that art need not be all about preparation and time, and that a tight deadline is often better than infinity stretching out before you. Click the image above to see my very short submission (which I may yet finish, as this is a woefully malnourished version of what I imagined it to be, on account of many technical difficulties stealing time from it!)

music: “Serial” by Sybarite (an old friend from Pratt Institute)

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