Tempuratures at an all-time high

car stuck in snow, old photo
Another drawing-in-progress of an old photo– Update: click to see finished drawing.

Well, it’s no longer winter, but this drawing remains (as yet) unfinished. In other news, more of the same: strange, unsettling dreams to accompany the busy time that is Spring. No complaints!  I would add some of the dreams here, but there is no time for editing (and editing they would need).

Some Upstate Farm Daggars  will be visiting, so there will be reporting and photos! Meantime, the days recently are lovely, if loud. (That is a property attendant to weather turning nice here in the city– when it gets warm, especially the first couple of weeks, it gets LOUD out the windows, and we are on the street, window-wise. We are privy to the street springtime rejoicing).

Anyway, look for the finish of this drawing (as well as the man with the well-tended mustache). Enjoy the Spring, and please, sign up for the Newsletter! Please be aware it does require clicking on a link in a confirmation email, so watch out for that.

Oh, I forgot to mention– LOST is bringing it! As a watcher by the week for about three years (having caught up via Netflix), the storyline is finally getting better by the week now that it’s nearly over. It’s similar to when one readies to move away from a place everything suddenly gets more interesting…

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