A Baltimore weekend

Here are a few snaps from my trip to visit Kelley in Baltimore– a smattering flavor of the oddness and utter silliness that tends to pervade our visits; laughing til it hurts. Concocting plans like the founding of The Institute of Fun (for Higher Learning)*. Or, upon seeing a hideous and depressing structure (eg The Pavilion of Infinite Sadness), saying with no little sarcasm, “Thanks, Modernism!” Things like this just crack us up.

The laughter and silliness really don’t come through in the photos, though. (They just look kinda’ arty if you weren’t there. You’ll just have to take my word on it.)

*”With a foundation built upon the Socratic method, our approach shall render both professors and students as experiential~existential toothpicks– in short, facing questions large or small, we get up in there.

The magic hour of shifting light in Kelley's window porch
The magic hour of shifting light in Kelley’s window porch

Ancient sketch K pulled out from a swirling night of drawing back at Pratt

Painted row houses in Fell’s Point

Window pirate, skeptical on the scale of that clipper… (or perhaps on Kelley and I, staring in)

Racy cards (beer wench!), tiny chess– War of 1812 things at Fort Howard on Defender’s Day

The Pavilion of Infinite Sadness (so dubbed by the Curious Miss K)

The Logo of Infinite Irony (close-up of said pavilion)

A parade of maudlin cumulus march past in Fort Howard

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