calendar : 2010

Alright, I know I said this last year, and I’m pretty sure I at least hinted at it the previous year, but this time I mean it. There will be a new electrofork calendar in time for 2010. Hell, at this point all the procrastination makes sense– what better year to re-instate than 2010? It has sequel written all over it.

Attendant to this exciting news (research and development already underway), I shall aim also at a redesign of, complete (finally) with a mailing list option, so keep your ears a-tingle.

Meantime, of course, I am mired in numerous projects; entrenched in productions schedules and facing down deadlines! Always things happen this way– always I get a big idea in the midst of being too busy to work on it much! But that’s good– keeps things moving, ideas generating. Transforms the personal project into a grail-seeking expedition, and renders television utterly unsatisfactory. The only sad thing is at present I’m woefully under-exercised; bicycle still awaiting tire refills for the new season, now well underway.

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