The work is chugging along despite continued (though decreased) technical difficulties.

What is not chugging along, sadly, are any of my artistic (not-for-clients) endeavors. The balance is a difficult one to strike. Sometimes I find myself browsing the web sites and blogs of other artists, and despair. At what point will I (a) have enough time to discover my ‘vision’ (for lack of a better word), and (b) become masterful enough to be supported in some way by said ‘vision’? Realistically, I know, the answer to that may be never, but were I to accept that– well, there simply isn’t any point in accepting that to be the answer.

I have been looking for an installer disk that just refuses to be found. During the search, I have located a number of forgotten things, and realized that there are things I still haven’t unpacked. There are things a-plenty that I don’t need and there are things that really, really need to be organized in some way that makes sense. It’s all so never-ending. I feel the need to go through all of the many boxes and create lists of what’s in them, then number them and put them all in one place. (I have so many random boxes of stuff)–


1 thought on “::sigh::”

  1. 28 March 2010. Still some of those unpacked things linger in corners of darkness.

    Hard to believe I instituted my drawing a day a full year ago, only to still be in the getting started phase, No wonder my own frustration and that of B’s, at hearing always the beginning of things! I resolve myself, steel myself to move things forward. GD! RRgghhh!

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