of lapses and misleading evidence

lacunar eyes and not a hair out of place


Despite all visual evidence to the contrary, today has dawned decidedly the coldest of the week– much to my dismay, as I’m longing to open windows again.

Already life grows busier. March is one-third through and lists grow longer, which is a good thing, but it took me until well into February to shake the effects of post-holiday hibernation, and I’d rather expected a few more weeks for diligent meandering amid unsolicited works. However, there’s time for everything– it just gets down to time management; manifold priorities can be juggled! On that note, above are two new drawings; nothing heart-stopping, but as I’ve done none in over a week, they’ll have to do.

I’ve planned a brief excursion upstate in a couple of weeks. I look forward to seeing the family and getting feedback on the first draft of the book from my nephew; my first reader– he’s at just the right age (and shares my taste in YA reading materials)!  Timely, as I’ve just begun editing in earnest, having allowed three months elapse since finishing draft one. The red pen gets a workout!

Edit March 20: I’ve just noticed that the month in the signature for the top drawing says “Nov”! That shows you what March has been feeling like– must have been cold that day.

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