Viking funeral


This comes as part three of what started as a Venice progression; on account of the gondola having a carved face, which made me think of Viking ships, it has mutated into a Viking progression. (There was also a comment I made in an email to Ben about giving the asparagus in the fridge a Viking funeral, as it had gone round a corner– was all shriveled and soft.) The waves have improved immeasurably with this drawing.

I was at Anders’ house watching LOST last night (he wants a viking funeral as well)– so what do we all want to know?  What the hell happened to Ben? He’s awfully good at getting beat up. The room with the world map for a floor and the giant plumb-bob pendulum is fantastic. I wonder more and more whether it may have been Daniel Faraday who wrote those equations and “found” the way to triangulate the windows. He has obviously been to the island before, and is the only person we’ve seen yet who is learned in Time and permutations thereof. We also know that he was funded by Widmore. Perhaps he went to Island Past during his initial research (by accident?), met Widmore, whose older self then found him and funded him so that he could reclaim the island (Ben said widmore had “lost” the island). But then again, it’s clear that whomever set up the living situations had a way of getting there and back… I suppose we’ll find out eventually…

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