b u s y .

Sometimes, it’s a good thing to be too busy to have much free time. Sometimes, when you’re working on far too many projects, it can be good– because it forces you to focus; forces you not only to find a way to finish things and to be creative about it, but also to have sudden and visceral responses to all the many layers in your life. This is useful, if somewhat vexing.

It can be a road to clarity.

It’s interesting: Ben is my strongest association with that word, clarity, and I don’t think it was a concept I ever gave much thought to outside of visuals, or in the context of writing or designing. But it has come to be such a crucial concept, a big picture thing.. (At least, in theory– achieving the attainment of same is easier said than done, naturally.)

It calls into my mind the Thoreau bit: “Our life is frettered away by details. Simplify. Simplify.” (That one reminds me of my dad.)

Tonight was another sky of mad contrast- a great LIGHT in the west while a big dark storm brewed over the trees on the slope, off toward the park, at sunset. But the sky never really did open up. Not really. Dylan was playing in Prospect Park tonight. I’d entertained the idea of crashing, of listening on the lawn. I felt relieved when the thunder struck, because I knew I had to WORK. But then it didn’t rain more than two minutes.

I worked anyway. (I didn’t really have much of a choice.)
I’m curious how the show was. It’ll be a story I hear from others; a good one, as it never did rain out.

Common enough occurrence, isn’t it?

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