the moon and chocolate cake

After a dinner (both delicious and healthy) accompanied by a lovely 2006 Scghesio Arneis, we split the warm chocolate cake and swooned over it. Mmmmms after every bite.

Walking home in the wind we noticed how beautiful the crescent moon was, and how it had been even more so on the previous night, when it looked precisely sideways- like a sliver of a bowl in the sky. We spoke of how great it is that we can still find the moon and chocolate cake and sex and so many other things to be amazing. Even after all the history of mankind, we can still be amazed. We spoke of time all the way back to the time of primordial ooze. It was pre-sexual and decidedly pre-cake, but the moon was there. Was the ooze amazed?

I like to think so.

Why else would it have bothered to evolve?

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