The Trunk of Strange

I’ve been thinking; it seems I really have a lot of, how to describe it? Well, S T U F F. Too much stuff. I’m such a collector and pack-rat;. The reasons it hasn’t become a truly serious problem are (1) average size of Brooklyn apartments, and (2) my proclivity to move house fairly often. These factors notwithstanding, however, there is still too much. Then this morning all of a sudden I realized a potential solution.

I have opened another shop on Etsy to share some of these items with other creators. So much of what I have falls under the general catch-all of “stuff I can use to make other stuff with”, eg: collage elements of the paper, fabric and object kinds. (Remember the TABLE? You see what I mean.)

This new shop goes by the (probably clunky or inaccurate) French monicker of “Le Tronc d’Étrange”, or The Trunk of Strange. Tell your crafty arty friends and neighbors. I’ve begun the offerings with some sets of beautiful 149-year-old illustrated pages from a Natural History (such as it was in 1859) Encyclopedia…

Say some words!

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