A very full weekend indeed.

Friday night: dinner and drinks with some friends we hadn’t seen in awhile. Saturday: a delightful bike ride through Gowanus and into Red Hook, where we had brunch, then watched the Mets lose to Chicago. Dinner at Anders that night, then a screening of “The Ghosts of Flatbush“, which had some really phenomenal old footage. Today, we woke early and went into Times Square to get in line at TKTS to buy half-price matinée seats for “Frost/Nixon“, which was very good. In between the getting of the tickets and the matinée, we walked to MoMA to see the Richard Serra works- the new ones are amazing. Unbelievable, really. Following that, grabbed some lunch to go at Whole Foods and sat in Central Park til it was time to head to the theater.
We’d been up late last night, so waking at 8:15 to go wait in line was a little difficult, but worth it.

Now: Tired.

2 thoughts on “A very full weekend indeed.”

  1. Hi Chris! If it makes you feel any better, it wasn’t a typical weekend, per se– it’s hard to remember to take advantage of all the city has to offer, sometimes! So the past couple days were a great reminder. You shouldn’t be flying around for work on weekends!

  2. You live such a New York life and I’m jealous beyond words of that fact.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the day.

    I spent my day flying across the country for work….want to trade sometime? haha

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