166. Return

This, Blogger™ tells me, shall be my 166th post.

It is a cruel thing, returning to a city on the edge of a heat wave, having spent the fullness of a week beneath fairer skies and witness to the Atlantic’s infinite recitation upon the shore of a barrier island. Fire, was the island. (Fair Harbor to be specific.) What a singular place; so narrow- a wisp of a landmass (the word mass being used exceedingly loosely, here).

Completed The Alienist (Caleb Carr); also read The Stargazey (Martha Grimes), which I left at the house for future fans of the Richard Jury series; and finally, The Children of Hurin (Tolkien)– the darkest of the lot by far, as I realize now all of my beach reading selections were stacked with death!

Some images: (more will appear on Flickr™ at some point)
Oh how I love being near to water in the summer. A balm to mind and body. (Being away from this computing machine also helps.)

looking east from our front deck, just before dawn

the sunken forest

sunset on the bay side, taken through a sunglass lens for pinkness!

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